Services and prices

                                 Here you can view information about services, packages and prices

Basic Retouching:

Starting at $2 per photo.

Our basic retouching package covers the essentials. We clean up skin imperfections, remove small distractions from your photos, and ensure your images look flawless.

Medium Retouching:

Starting at $4 per photo.

This package is taking your photos to the next level with our medium. In addition to basic retouching, we perform frequency separation, eliminate skin shine and glare, process clothing and hair, ensuring a polished look.

Deep Retouching:

Starting at $6 per photo.

For a truly customized and detailed transformation, choose our deep retouching package. This includes everything from basic and medium retouching, as well as Dodge & Burn techniques. I will take your specific preferences into account, addressing everything from blemishes to fine details.

Colour Correction:

                                                                         Price: $0.10 per photo.

Achieving the perfect colour balance and tone in your photos is crucial. I offer colour correction services to make your images look their best. You can provide your own presets, or I can recommend suitable to your needs options.